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PIANOEvelyn Gallardo Vera

Bij mij kun je terecht voor al je muzikale interesses. Denk hierbij aan piano (solo) stukken leren, muziektheorie, improvisatie, gehoortraining, ritmische training, harmonieleer en meer! Ik vind het fijn om met leerlingen te werken die een passie hebben voor muziek en die zich graag verder willen ontwikkelen. Naast muziek kan ik ook echt genieten van een potje tennis!

Hello! My name is Evelyn, I am 24 years old and I am a Dutch pianist of Ecuadorian descent. Recently I graduated from the conservatory of Rotterdam (Codarts) where I specialized in playing latin/jazz music. Besides playing the piano, I also like to compose and arrange pieces and perform them in different band settings. During my study years I had the opportunity to become acquainted with other world music genres such as flamenco and Turkish music. A mix of this and latin/jazz can be heard in the music of my current band “Trico”, with which I have often performed on various major stages in the Netherlands such as: Tivolivredenburg, Het Concertgebouw, De Doelen but also at North Sea Round Town and the North Sea Jazz Festival.


In addition to these genres, I also think classical is wonderful to play. I also have experience in playing jazz, pop and funk.

My work as a musician mainly consists of performing, teaching and composing/arranging. From the age of 16 I started giving piano lessons to both beginners and advanced players of all ages. I noticed then that I really liked this, because besides being able to teach someone else, it can also be very inspiring for yourself. Other sources of inspiration for me are listening to other artists (regardless of genre), nature and people in general. You can contact me for all your musical interests. Think of learning piano (solo) pieces, music theory, improvisation, ear training, rhythm training, harmony and more! I enjoy working with students who have a passion for music and who want to develop themselves further. Besides music, I also really enjoy a game of tennis!


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