Your Musiqskool Academy

From September 2021, Your Musiqskool will start with our own talent department Your Musiq Academy to help talented and advanced students in their next steps towards a professional path

Preparation for admission Preparatory education (Junior Jazz college and others)
Are you musically talented, are you more advanced on your instrument and do you have the ambition to continue professionally? Do you eventually want to study at the Conservatory or the Pop Academy?Thorough preparation for your entrance exam ensures that you are properly prepared for an entrance exam

Preparation for admission to the Conservatory preparatory course
– Private or classroom ear training and music theory (Online and on location)
– Main subject lesson (vocal or instrumental)
– Talent class Singing

The lessons are given by certified teachers and accomplished musicians who are aware of the current education at the conservatory.

Available courses

Piano private trajectory
Singing private trajectory
Music Theory & Solfège
Expected: Guitar
Talent class Singing (15+)


Masterclasses for all instruments
Talent/Artist Guidance
Young Professionals Jazz
Young Musicians Pop


Evelyn Vera Gallardo
Piano | Latin, Pop, Classic | Online | Almere | Rotterdam | The Hague

Camilla Alfieri
Vocals | pop, jazz

Separate audition training
Do you need guidance for a separate audition

Lesson location:

Almere Haven, R’dam Region // Vlaardingen
Online: local time Netherlands

Method & Intake training/coaching Preparatory course Conservatory
When you book an intake, an online appointment/intake will be made with you (local time).
You send 1 or 2 sound fragments in advance via wetransfer, soundcloud, youtube or otherwise so that we can get to know you and your music better.

During the intake, the teacher will talk to you about your skills and experience to date, your goals and will also examine to what extent your musical and theoretical knowledge has progressed.

Following a tailor made course will be set up.
You register for this course and commit yourself to the process.

Preparation entrance exam for preparatory education or conservatory
For a complete preparation, it is usually wise to allocate a year for this, in line with the date of your entrance exam.

The lessons will consist of theoretical lessons and practical lessons online (with international students) or on location (Almere or R’dam Regio // Vlaardingen). Usually these are several lessons per week, this can differ between 2 – 6 hours of lessons per week, depending on your trajectory.

(each lesson 1 hour)
1h // 10h // 20h // 30h € 65 // € 640 // € 1280 // 1920

More lessons at additional costs.

Costs for Intake (60 min): €45,-


Leerlingadministratie open
ma t/m do 10.00 -14.00
Voor afmeldingen voor les op zaterdag en maandag uiterlijk vrijdag 11.00 afmelden via mail of de afmeld whatsapp.

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